A church wide opportunity to reach our local neighborsCommunity_Mission_Tour
July 22-27
There is a place for everyone to serve. Together with God, we can change Duluth with the Gospel through loving and helpful actions!


Yard work and light construction: Teams are needed to help FBCD senior adults and community people with their yard work. There are a few projects that require some light construction and/or painting.

Bible distribution: The team will canvas the local area with Bibles (English and Spanish) and prayer. Walking is required for this project.

Wellspring Craft Day: Using donation items to Wellspring, the craft director of Wellspring will teach the team to make something new out of the old that will be sold in the Treasure store. This will take place in the craft room next to the donation center in Duluth. No craft experience needed; you will be taught what to do!

Preparing bags for homeless mats: The team will cut plastic sacks into strips and knot them together to make “yarn” to be crocheted into plastic mats for the homeless. This will be done in the FLC at FBCD. No experience necessary!

Kids’ Bible club: Teams are needed to help assist a lead teacher with crafts, games, and snack for Bible clubs in the area. Lead teachers are already trained and have supplies ready to use.

Prepare lunches for Smart Lunch/Smart Kid program: The team will prepare sandwiches and then pack water, salty snack, and fruit into 200 lunches. The lunches will be given to children who are at risk for being trafficked due to no food being available in their home. The team will also deliver the lunches.

Snow cones for H.S. students: The team will go to a local high school and give out free snow cones to students preparing for fall events; i.e. football players, band members, & cheerleaders to name a few.

Conestoga: The team will go to Conestoga Trailer park in Monroe to conduct a miniVBS, do yard work, and a variety of other odd jobs for the NAMB missionary ministering there.

Popsicles at Duluth Fountain: The team will distribute popsicles to families enjoying time at the fountain. No experience necessary. Great option for families with younger children.

Local food pantry work: The team will work with the different food pantries we partner with to help our community.

Preparing BackPacks for community friends: The team will fill back packs with items needed for students at Mason Elementary. The back packs will then be taken to the school counselor to give to student in need.

Contact Grace Woodard at or Keith Murdock at or by phone 678-533-7452.